Sourcing & Procurement Service

Our Chemical Procurement Service can help you to optimize your purchasing process, specifically for hard to source molecules or custom chemicals

Sourcing & Procurement

Our relationships with manufacturers and suppliers place us in a superior position for finding the various chemicals needed for our customers blends.

We excel in chemical sourcing and procurement for specialty chemicals. We process custom requests, evaluate operations and work with many approved, reliable suppliers. Let us make your sourcing process smooth and less time consuming!

We provide a “turn-key” operation, supplying everything required to bring your product to market and quickly resolve any potential complications along the way.


With expert supervision and supplier feedback throughout the whole process, we make it easier to bring your product to market. Whether you require fulfillment or assistance, Michem has the experience and connections to ensure your project is a success!


michem Group offers a wide range of purchasing services. From taking over your invoice settlement or procure-to-pay and source-to-pay process.


Our purchasing services are supplemented with logistics services.


Our purchasing services are supplemented with warehouse services.

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