Milacell™ Cellulose Ethers For Joint Fillers

Our celluloses are added to mineral building materials such as Joint Fillers

The importance of Joint Fillers

We will begin our research with what the joint sealant is first. Architects, engineers, and those who work in other construction-related professions know this material closely. A joint filling is a chemical compound used to fill the gap between two parts of a structure or two identical structures. The usage areas of grouting are quite wide.

A joint filling is also used to fill cracks on concrete that may occur over time. Various openings can show up on concrete surfaces in time. These openings can arise as a result of climatic conditions or impacts, as well as due to the aging of the material over time. A joint filling is used to prevent these cracks from growing and damaging the concrete in such cases. The joint filler is a material that will hold the two materials it sinks in between firmly together. Therefore, it is seen as cement or plaster based.

Cellulose Ether
Hydroxypropyl MethylCellulose

We looked at what joint filler is. So, what are the benefits of this practice? The joint cut, which is generally on average half a cm wide and mostly about 8 to 10 cm deep, is open to external factors. As an example, rain or snow waters or hailstones can be filled in joints in rainy weather. Also, these waters can freeze during the cold winter months. As a result of this freezing, cracks may sometimes occur in concrete. Sometimes dust or soil particles may accumulate between them in stormy weather. Considering all these reasons, it becomes clear that the joints should be filled with sealant. To prevent all this, it is necessary to fill the joints with filling.

Advantages of adding Cellulose Ether

Add right amount cellulose ether as water retaining agent and binder, make gypsum hydration is complete, ensure to have enough cohesive force and prevent to produce crack metope level off and smooth.

MilaCell™ specialises in the production of HPMC, with high quality, support for professional customisation and on behalf of production processing.

HPMC properties

Cellulose Ethers in Joint Fillers

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