Polypropylene fiber for shotcrete

Short cut fibres are widely used for reinforcement of concrete

What is shotcrete

Shotcretegunite (/ˈɡʌnt/), or sprayed concrete is concrete or mortar conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto a surface, as a construction technique, first used in 1907 invented by Carl Akeley.[1]: 7  It is typically reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh, or fibers.

Shotcrete is usually an all-inclusive term for both the wet-mix and dry-mix versions invented by Carl Akeley. In pool construction, however, shotcrete refers to wet mix and gunite to dry mix. In this context, these terms are not interchangeable.

Shotcrete is placed and compacted/consolidated at the same time, due to the force with which it is ejected from the nozzle. It can be sprayed onto any type or shape of surface, including vertical or overhead areas.


Shotcrete is a method of applying concrete projected at high velocity primarily on to a vertical or overhead surface. The impact created by the application consolidates the concrete. Although the hardened properties of shotcrete are similar to those of conventional cast-in-place concrete, the nature of the placement process results in an excellent bond with most substrates, and rapid or instant capabilities, particularly on complex forms or shapes. The shotcrete process requires less formwork and can be more economical than conventionally placed concrete. Shotcrete is applied using a wet- or dry-mix process. The wet-mix shotcrete process mixes all ingredients, including water, before introduction into the delivery hose. The dry-mix shotcrete process adds water to the mix at the nozzle. Shotcrete is used in new construction and repairs and is suitable for curved and thin elements (ACI 506R).

ADVANTAGES OF ADDING Polypropylene fiber

The energy absorption capacity of concrete mixtures increases and their plastic shrinkage cracks significantly decrease by polypropylene fiber utilization.
Polypropylene fibre (PPF) is a kind of polymer material with light weight, high strength, and corrosion resistance. The crack resistance of concrete can be improved by adding PPFs. PPF can optimize the pore size distribution of concrete.
As a result, the durability of concrete is significantly enhanced since PPF can block the penetration of water or harmful ions in concrete.

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