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Defoamers for Building & Construction can be used for Water reducer and Dry mix mortar; With the development of the construction industry in recent years, the demand for polycarboxylate water reducer and dry-mix mortar has increased year by year, and the corresponding demand for defoamers has also been increasing. Michem-defoamers are effective in prevent entrapped air in construction products when the air content must be minimized. This is pretty important for water reducer and dry mix mortar.
Defoamers are preferably used for the prevention and removal of large air inclusions at the concrete’s surface and for rapid foam collapse in aqueous formulations. If, on the other hand, it is necessary to remove finely distributed air from a system, deaerators are the preferred alternative. However, practice has shown that a clear differentiation between defoamers and deaerators is usually not possible. Most defoamers also have a deaerating effect to some extent and vice versa.
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