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Michem currently holds more than 20 shares and holdings in construction chemicals-related production companies.

MiChem Chemicals is an Technology R&D Company

MiChem Chemicals is a diversified investment private enterprise, consisting of MiChem Group Co., Ltd 

Michem is a professional manufacturer and supplier of construction chemicals integrating R&D, production, and sales. Relying on China’s complete industrial chain system and raw material cost advantages, Michem committed to providing high quality and high cost-performance construction chemicals for global users.

Michem's Brands & Products

Michem products include MilaCell® Cellulose Ether, TenaBrix® Polypropylene Fiber,

Protizerr® Superplasticizer, and Curasta® Gypsum Retarder.

MilaCell® Cellulose Ether

MilaCell® is a trademark for Michem’s cellulose ether products and derivatives.

TenaBrix® Polypropylene Fiber

TenaBrix® is a trademark for Michem’s polypropylene fiber products and derivatives.

Protizerr® Superplasticizer

Protizerr® is a trademark for Michem’s superplasticizer products and derivatives.


Independent application lab to support customer improvement.Also we can tailor chemicals formula for you.

Quality Control

Michem is committed to supply high quality products checked by strictly quality inspection system.

Strategy Planning

We constantly develop new applications and product solutions in partnership with our customers.

Customer Service

Provides services to numerous customers worldwide through multinational and local distributors.


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